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NEW Book by Kwan on Relationships & Careers

Based on Kwan's 30+ years of research, enjoy reading his uniquely comprehensive book:-

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"Zodiac Guide to Successful Relationships & Careers"

- How research-based Western and Chinese astrology can help you make the big decisions in life


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Business leaders/owners/employers, mentors, recruitment consultants, coaches, practising astrologers, career counsellors/advisers, dating agencies, matchmakers, marriage counsellors, business/management consultants, academics, would be astrologers, job seeking students/graduates, people with relationship issues, and individuals who need some career guidance, will find invaluable insights, advice and facts including:-

  • Strengths and weaknesses for each star sign (for both Western/Chinese)
  • Personality traits of existing or potential partners (for life or business)
  • Potential compatibility or not with other star signs
  • Star signs of the famous, successful or the infamous
  • Potentially ‘ideal’ jobs or careers to suit each combination of Chinese/Sun/Moon signs
  • Other well known people who share your star signs
  • Interesting comments on famous couples such as Madonna & Sean Penn, Ant & Dec, Ronald & Nancy Reagan, ABBA, Prince Charles & Princess Diana, Adolf Hitler & Eva Braun, Wallis Simpson & King Edward VIII and many more!
  • Correlations of personality traits based on official obituaries written by impartial professionals, who were non astrologers

Readers’ comments:

‘A unique and easy to understand guide when looking from a completely different angle into potential compatible careers and relationships’
- Barbara Whitney, Director, Lamberhurst Corporation

‘Fascinating and illuminating'
- Neil Somerville, Writer, Astrologer and Consultant

'Interesting and surprisingly accurate combinations'
- Paul Blundell, CEO, Programming Research Group Ltd

Book Details

ISBN-10 1861512023           RRP £12.99

ISBN-13 978-1861512024

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